Walk Behind Scrubbers

Northwest Scrubbers and Sweepers offers three series of Factory Cat walk behind scrubbers to meet your cleaning solutions.

Factory Cat Magnum

The Magnum Walk Behind Floor Scrubber is known for its basic but durable design offering unmatched value to customer. The heavy steel construction, oversized motors, extra thick polyurethane tanks and stainless steel fasteners provide a solid foundation for the Magnum Walk Behind Floor Scrubber.

Factory Cat MiniMag

The MINIMAG HD Floor Scrubber is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The MINIMAG HD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer includes a powerful all-gear transaxle for climbing ramps for operator ease.

Factory Cat MicroMag

The MICROMAG Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer was designed based off of our already well known MAGNUM and MINIMAG. Our goal with the MICROMAG Floor Scrubber is to have the smallest Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer available without sacrificing on solution tank space or productivity in terms of scrubbing performance.

Kärcher is the world's leading manufacturer of cleaning systems for industrial markets and a driving force behind technological progress and innovation. Industrial floor care requires high performance and versatility and Kärcher delivers. Kärcher's scrubbers are available in both the walk-behind and riding models, cleaning up to 161,500 square feet per hour. Scrub floors to the highest level of cleanliness with the latest in auto scrubber technology.

Kärcher BRS 40/1000

Kärcher’s BRS 40/1000 scrubber features two counter-rotating high-speed roller brushes or pads reducing handle torque for increased operator ease and comfort. Operate in a side-to-side or push-pull motion depending on operator preference or as the application demands. Its low profile allows cleaning in tight areas where many scrubbers can’t go, including right up to the edge of the wall or baseboard with no splashing, mess or cleanup.  


Super Scrub & Polish: A lockout key switch allows for the choice of lower RPM maintenance scrubbing or turn the key for high speed RPM super scrub, stripping or polishing, one machine allowing for many clean functions.Performs daily scrubbing and or the removal of floor finish to effectively clean and restore floors.Brush loading/unloading is as easy as the turn of a switch, the operator never has to manually remove the brushes