Push and Riding Sweepers

Floor Sweepers are built to sweep factories: dirt, dust, metal shavings, foundry sand, bolts, paper, wood, whatever there is.

Factory Cat Model 34

Equipped with a large diameter main broom and a side broom that adjusts to irregularities in flooring, the Model 34 walk behind sweeper can handle any floor cleaning job that you require. Factory Cat's Model 34 features filtered air system vacuums, steel construction, big electric motors, and an average cleaning rate of 30,000 square feet per hour.

Factory Cat TR

The Factory Cat model TR's design was built from the success of our Model 34 walk behind sweeper. The TR's side brooms sweep up dirt in the corners while a huge tubular sweeping broom under the machine sweeps up the dirt and debris from the floor and packs it into the steel hopper. Meanwhile, the second stage vacuums up the dust and traps it in a polypropylene felt "baghouse" filter. Factory Cat's Industrial floor sweepers can pick up whole bags of cement at a time without leaving a trace of dust behind.

                                        APEX 47

    Durability, Strength and Highest Productivity

                A high dump sweeper starting under 20k
With a 40-inch cleaning path for fast indoor our outdoor sweeping.
Over 61,000 square feet per hour. And a Battery operating system . 

       Power Boss  offers a larger line of Sweeper in Gas, LPG & Diesel

Cost-effective and reliable, our rider floor sweepers give years of dependable, consistent service. These machines meet the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. The perfect combination of manufacturing expertise, quality materials and market-driven needs, Power Boss sweepers make cleaning as productive and uncomplicated as possible.