Model XR

Fifteen years of development and manufacturing. One evolutionary machine.

These rugged and high performance scrubbers offer the productivity of the industry’s largest equipment, but in a more maneuverable package. With two specialized cleaning systems and five deck sizes to choose from, FACTORY CATS XRs offer the results and capacity required to clean your unique application.

The “Disk” XRs offer gimbaled brush drive and 45% more scrubbing power than competitive brands. The “Cylindrical” units reduce or eliminate dust mopping, by sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass.

The scrub decks include adjustable wipers and curtains, for unmatched water control. All components are made of heavy gauge steel for durability and accessibility is designed in to simplify service work.


Productivity is a function of scrub path, run time and tank capacity, and FACTORY CATS top the chart.
1. Larger Tanks (68 gallons) = Less stopping to refill
2. Wider Scrub Path (46?) = Fewer trips down the aisle
3. High Down Pressure = Less double scrubbing
4. Twin Vacuum Motors = Dry, safe, clean floors
5. Big Battery = Runs a full shift

The operator sits in a spring-suspension, fully adjustable, mid-back chair. The adjustable steering column, armrests, and front guard further enhance operator comfort and safety. With a powerful drive motor, these machines can climb steep ramps, and come standard with heavy duty tires. Features include an automatic parking brake, and reduction of transport speed while scrubbing or backing up. Our Central Command II system includes an LCD readout, on-board diagnostics, and three hour meters, simplifying preventive maintenance intervals. When the batteries discharge, the machine automatically shuts down all systems except “transport” to allow you to return to the
charge station or any standard 20A outlet with the optional onboard charger.


FACTORY CATS use powerful motors, which typically run at only 50% of their capacity. This leaves power in reserve for times where heavy scrubbing is required, and prolongs motor life.
• Constructed of thick steel, and powder-painted to prevent corrosion.
• Tanks have extra-thick walls and brass inserts for strength.
• Tall polyurethane rollers disperse collision forces without leaving marks on your walls.
• FACTORY CATS use only stainless fasteners.

Curious about the XR? You Be The Judge!

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